Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Majoring in economics

A friend of mine is going back to school to major in economics. Good for him. The first thing he will learn about is the laws of supply and demand. The second thing he will learn about is that there is no demand for economics majors.


  1. No demand for economics majors? You could substitute most any major. If you are going into medicine, most likely you will end up working in the medical field and not at StarWalBucks or whatever new retail establishment/trend that pops up in the next few years, but even then, the Baby Boomers will eventually die out and we will have more medical personnel than jobs.
    I truly believe the demand/need for bachelor’s degrees has passed. It’s fashionable and socially acceptable to have one, the way high school diplomas used to be, but four-year degrees serve no real purpose today.

  2. You know, as an economics major I should be concerned. Fortunately though, I'm augmenting my degree with a minor in anthropology.

    Go ahead and laugh, but when the field of ecropology begins to grow I'll be laughing then, all the way to the bank - or to the yam storage hut, depending on how I'm being paid.

  3. Gloria, I agree with you. And I dropped OUT of college before getting my bachelor's!
    (and I still kick myself for that)

    Unless you have a slew of initials AFTER your name other than Jr. or Esq., you just "ain't cuttin' the mustard".
    The more you have, the better off you'll be.
    I'm after my wife to get her masters in the worst way.
    And she's in education (where it would matter to HAVE a Masters)

    (ecropology, hmm??)

  4. supply- the glut of college grads in allen county
    demand- the glut of no college degree wanted/needed jobs in allen county
    result: brain drain

    supply-glut of political hacks, cronies, nepotism, greed, corruption in allen county
    demand- a. more of the above by those who profit from it- developers, contractors, construction firms(build- tear down- repeat- get rich on taxpayers money)
    b. or less of it by the citizens
    result- market breakdown- nothing changes, even if you vote.

    economics is a valuable education, and teaches lots of general common sense things about human nature, and money, business, and such.

    especially as 1. show me the money
    2. whats in it for me
    3. dont waste my time, unless 1 and 2 are met
    4. always follow the money- cui bono( who benefits)
    5. you want a job-suck up to (see supply above)
    6. cant find work-
    go back to school
    7. or use your idle time to cause chaos and havoc, legally in any way you can,to the best of your ability
    to implode the system