Friday, June 29, 2007

What Patrick Knight could have said

Daniel Knight got lethally injected by the State of Texas earlier this week. He wanted to tell a joke as his last words, but changed his mind. I do wonder just how much thought these convicts put into what they are going to say. Knight apparently didn't want to put any thought at all because he asked people to send in submissions. He could have said "I'm the only Texan with a lower approval rating than the president."

While we're on this topic, I wonder how long it will be before a company buys the rights to the last words of a death row inmate. "Bubba 'The Gormet' Meyerowski was put to death by the State of Indiana by lethal injection this morning. His last words were 'Sweet and Smoky BBQ Sauce: The Sauce that goes with anything! It's the taste to die for!' He was pronounced dead at 7:26pm, Google Standard Time."

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