Wednesday, May 02, 2007

What's this?

This is
A. God.
B. Aliens.
C. Rush Limbaugh holding a lighter next to his butt and farting.
D. An electrical transformer exploding near the corner of Coldwater and Dupont Rd.

If you picked D, you are correct. You are either very smart or you just followed the rule of thumb that the most detailed answer in a multiple choice question is probably the correct one.


  1. did you just happen to be standing there with a camera when it blew up? hmmmmmmm

  2. I heard popping sounds, I looked outside to see what the hell was going on. Then I saw the transformer shooting off sparks. It did it a couple more times, so I decided to take a picture with my cell phone camera, which I usually carry with me.

  3. It's neither A, B, C, OR D. I still think it was the space aliens who impregnated Anna Nicole expressing their wrath about the Harrison Square thingy.