Saturday, May 19, 2007

Postage Increase

Postage went up another 2 cents this month. That means I'll might spent an extra 10 cents in postage this year. All my bills are paid by direct debiting my account, or online. The only people who I know who don't have internet access are my mom and grandmothers. I just call them on the phone whenever I feel guilty about never calling, writing, or visiting.

I do think that its good that the goverment postal monopoly has issued the new Forever stamps. Now you can buy stamps, lose them, find them ten years later in a junk drawer or in your purse and you'll still be able to use them. It is going to be hard to keep track of future postal rates, since soaring gas prices will monopolize headlines on slow news days.

Projected Postal rates increases:

August 2009: 54 cents
Febuary 2015: 79 cents
November 2016: $1.50
June 2017: $2
July 2017: $4
August 2017: $10
September 2017: $50
October 2017: $6000
November 2017: 1 euro
December 2017: Currency no longer excepted. Stamps are now given out in exchange for canned goods and sexual favors.

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