Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Phrases You Sometimes Hear When Your Life Isn’t Going As Well As It Could Be

"I want a divorce."
"We'll appeal."
"It's inoperable."
"It's terminal."
"You lost the election by a landslide."
"You're fired."
"We'd like to discuss your positive test results with you."
"That's not covered."
"That's not covered either."
"We're the FBI and we'd like to ask you a few questions."
"You're being audited."
"There were no survivors."
"We've never seen a back this badly broken before."
"I'll see you in court."
"Honey, we need to talk."
"It was a total loss."
"You can always learn to write with your left hand."
"Dad, can we visit you in prison?"
"We're terminating your contract."
"Your show has been cancelled."
"Yours is the smallest one I've ever seen."
"We're calling from the 'Maury' show, and we'd like you to be a guest."

Posted by Gloria


  1. I'm sure we can all safely say we've heard one or more of those comments directed to us, eh?

  2. I seem to get "you're fired," or variations on that theme...but my ultimate goal is to be on the 'Maury' show! What can I say? I'm a media whore!!!