Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Mean people

The other day, some guy told me to move my car even though I was parked legally on the street. He looked like he wanted to hit me and called me a word that means "bundle of sticks". Fortunatly, I was planning on leaving anyway, so I left. Parking spaces really are not worth fighting over

He probably thinks he won. Good for him. Whatever brings him happiness in this dreary world. Either he is normally a decent person and he was having an off-day, or he always acts that way. If the latter is the case then someday someone as small as him intellectually but bigger physically is going to park in "his" parking space. That will be a sad day, because that guy doesn't look like he has health insurance and the taxpayers will have to foot the bill for his trip to the emergency room and the stay in jail for the other fellow.

See, this guy needs a lesson in manners, but I don't feel like teaching it to him. There are plenty of people who do like teaching lessons, so I'll let them deal with the hassle. The inability to control one's emotions is a punishment in and of itself.

I feel the same way whenever someone cuts me off in traffic. I don't flip them off or tailgate them. I just figure that the odds are good that his wreckless behaivor will get him into an accident, and I'll won't be there when it happens. I feel quite smug that I don't have to deal with such people on a daily basis.

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  1. People like that guy are just never gonna find happiness. You did the right thing, walk away and leave him in his own miserable world..odds are pretty good his life really sucks...