Monday, January 15, 2007

New Fireworks law proposed.

Remember when you could buy legally buy out-of-state fireworks as long as you signed a waiver stating that you would set them off in another state? The law was a blatant joke, since Illinois, Kentucky, Ohio, and Michigan outlawed the same fireworks. For years, people celebrated our nation's independence by violating state law.

State Representatives Win Moses and Phil GiaQuinta have announced that they are sponsoring legislation that limits use of fireworks to just five days out of the year:
When they annouce this, GiaQuinta set off some fireworks. That's like introducing a bill reinstating Prohibition while chugging a six-pack.

I understnad many of you do not like hearing fireworks go of while you are trying to sleep. I personally do not like finding other people's bottle rockets in my yard the morning of July 5th. But if you have your own field out in the middle of nowhere, you should be allowed to set off anything that doesn't violate the Geneva Conventions. Local governments and home owners associations should set restrictions on fireworks usage, not the state.

(Regular readers of this blog would remember that I ran against GiaQuinta last year. The house that I just bought lies in the 81st district, so Win Moses is my state rep now.)

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