Thursday, December 07, 2006

Who's Who in America

The WWIA people send me a biographical form to fill out. I am flattered, but has anything I've done merit listing in a nationally published book? Is this big fish notable outside of the small pond? Am I really special besides in the Sesame Street "Everybody's special in their own way" kind of way?

Running for state legislature alone isn't enough to merit listing. There are over 7000 state senators and representatives nationwide, and thousands more who ran and didn't make it.

They may have me confused with this Robert J. Enders. Is that guy even still alive? For those who are too lazy to click on the link, he directed some movies in the 70's. I found out about him when I performed a Google search on myself back in 2004 and found that guy instead. Apparently he isn't famous enough to have his own fansite, otherwise I would be happy to sell the address to him or his fan club.

Anyway, I'll probably fill out the bio form soon. I'll fill it out online so I don't waste any postage sending it in. I don't think its one of those scams where they only sell them to the people who are listed, because they said I don't have to buy a copy in order to get listed nor would buying a copy guarentee that I get listed.

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