Monday, November 13, 2006

I'm still here....

I have been busy recently. I think I got down all of my yard signs except for those put in people's front yards. Vandals seem to have done most of my work for me in that regard. Feel free to contact me at 420-5148 to report any stray signs. Sometimes pranksters will put them in less than desirable places. There has been a Geoff Paddock sign near the railroad bridge that goes over Broadway near Munchie's. This guy lost the primary back in May, and the sign was still up as of October. I don't think he or any of his volunteers put it there though, since it wasn't a good spot for people to notice it. I noticed it, however, because of my keen observation skills that make me such a wonderful security guard.

I have been cast in the Firehouse Theater's production of "A Christmas Carol". I have been cast as the young adult Ebenezzer in one of the flashback scenes, and I may even get cast as Scrooge's nephew Fred.

I'm also looking into buying a house on the south side of Fort Wayne. This house has a garage. It has been my dream to be able to change my own oil in the winter.

The next LPAC meeting will be held at the Munchies on Broadway at 7pm on November 20th.

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