Saturday, November 04, 2006

Campaign Update!

Folks, I'm swamped this week, so this might be my last post before 6pm Tuesday. I'm looking foward to voting for myself. Every election, I walk to the polls, no matter what the weather is like. It has become a tradition for me. When I walk by myself to the polls, I am one man with one vote. They can take my house and my car, but I will always have the right to vote.


  1. No matter the outcome I'm sure you'll have enjoyed the experience. And at least you can say that you presented your thoughts on a variety of issues to the voters.

    Good luck...

  2. Giapet7:42 AM

    Experience is the key my friend. Being a recent college grad and a guard is not what the electorate is looking for. Come back in about 10 years.

  3. If experience were the key, Paddock would have won the primary. Many voters in this district really liked Ben QiaQuinta, so they decided to give his son a shot as well.