Sunday, October 22, 2006

My rebuttal to the Journal Gazette's endorsement of GiaQuinta

I am not surprised that the morning paper endorsed my Democratic opponent today. The Journal Gazette is noted for having a liberal editorial board, and they endorsed four out of five Democrats in area state legislature races. But I am not discouraged either. GiaQuinta won the Democratic primary in spite of the fact that both newspapers endorsed Geoff Paddock back in April. Most voters do not base their choices solely on what they read on an editorial page.

While the JG endorsement may have been a foregone conclusion, they still should have waited until after Thursday's debate before they printed it. It is disappointing that the paper failed to list any of the candidate's stances on the issues in the editorial piece. Instead GiaQuinta's long record as a government employee was discussed. While I am sure that he has done a fine job in that function, it is not a resume that voters seek in a representative but a set of ideas and beliefs. It is my contention that many 80th District voters realize that high taxes and excessive regulations have taken their toll on the local economy and that it takes a Libertarian to fix that.

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