Friday, October 13, 2006

Campaign update

I went down to WOWO and recorded my radio ad. It will start airing next week, and I will post a MP3 of it as soon as they send it to me.

I went out canvassing yesterday. It was cold out, so I wore two layers of shirts. I think that it always feels colder than it really is this time of year because we have to get used to it being cold again.


  1. Robert,
    Can't stand rant radio so I won't hear your ad.
    I don't listen to or watch political ads. They don't inform me, just irritate me.

  2. I will agree that most advertising is little more than white noise. But with political advertising, just mentioning a candidates name can make a huge difference. There are quite a few people in my district who I went to school with. If they know that I am running for office, that might make them come to the polls when they would have otherwise stayed home. A voter might see one of my yard signs and say "I better get more information on this clown before I decide whether or not to vote for him." That voter then can perform an internet search (Google wants us to stop using their name as a verb) on "Robert Enders" and "State Representative". They then will find this blog and my website, and have more infomation about me.

    I know this sounds awful but the most commonly asked question of me is "Who are you running against?" Most people do not know the name of their state representative, do not know what district they live in, and do not know who is on the ballot for that race. Ideally they should at least know the names of all the candidates before they walk up to a voting machine.