Sunday, September 17, 2006

Campaign Update

I've been getting positive feedback when I go out cavassing. I've bumped into people I knew from high school. Sometimes they'll ask me about the issues, and I'll give a variation of my stump speech. I don't have it written down, and its never the same twice.
Many people tell me that they don't vote. I expected to run into a lot of those, since the 80th has the lowest turnout of any state rep district in Allen County. I ask them why and sometimes I am able to change their minds. After talking to me for a while they realize that I am different. I'm not in this for the money or the prestige. I'm in it to do what I believe is right.
But my message didn't seem to jive with one voter. After I told him I was against special tax credits for some companies, he seemed to cling on the keyword "company". He said that he was not voting for me because companies were what made America great. I agreed with him that companies were part of what made America great, but he seemed to want to end the conversation there. The guy probably thinks I'm a pinko, because he wasn't paying attention. Oh well, can't get them all to vote for me.
A few people have agreed to let me stick one of my signs out front. Hopefully this will go a ways towards people viewing me as a legitimate candidate with a shot at winning.


  1. Anonymous2:57 PM

    I'm sure it must be an exhilerating and tiring experience all wrapped into one. Keep up the good work though. Not everyone has to agree with you but they should at least hear your point of view. Diversity of opinion is a good thing...

  2. Companies are great. They provide goods and services and employ people. However, they are not so great when they try to get subsidies, special tax treatment, protectionist tarriffs, or any other goodies from the government to get something that they could not get just by competing in the marketplace.