Friday, August 25, 2006

I am in today's Journal Gazette

On page 13 of today's Journal Gazette Weekender section, there is a picture of my date and me attending last Sunday's performance of Monty Python's Flying Circus.

Neither the photo nor the article have anything to do with politics. It is just me watching a play. However, almost any publicity is good publicity. I say almost because it has been drilled into me not to do anything like misspell "potato" in public.


  1. Sigh...

    "my date and me" or "my date and I"

  2. "Me" is the objective singular first person singular pronoun.

    "I" is the subjective singular first person pronoun.

    Let's try using it in a sentence.

    CORRECT: "This is a photo of me."

    INCORRECT: "This is a photo of I."

    CORRECT: "This is a photo of my date and me."

    INCORRECT: "This is a photo of my date and I."

  3. Thank you for the clarification. You know how sometimes, something just doesn't sound right?

  4. I will agree that "me" sounds less formal than "I". I actually had to put some thought into the correct word to use because I knew people are starting to screen my posts for grammar and spelling errors. I'm quite touched actually. It isn't hard to find poor language usage in most chatrooms, but I'm glad to see that people find it challenging to find mistakes on this blog.

  5. How about a link to the pic so us out of towners can see all. By the way don't pic my grammar and spelling apart. Half the time it's "Jacki Lingo". :0)

  6. I searched the Journal Gazette's website for my picture, and I could not find it. I only pick apart the grammar and spelling of those who do it to me. "Judge not, and ye shall not be judged..."

  7. Thank you for checking.....That's what I get for living in the boon docks, but I wouldn't give it up for nothing. Ok, thank you on the my special lingo comment! :0)

  8. I think they get JG as far west as Warsaw. Every day they print a regional, state, and home edition the last time I checked. But that was ten years ago and they might have changed it.