Thursday, May 04, 2006

U.S. should not dictate Mexico's internal policies.

Yesterday, President Bush declared that Mexico's decriminalization of drugs would lead to a deficit in the illegal drug trade. "Mexico's new law could put honest, hard-working American drug dealers out of business," said the president. "Like that dude who hooked me up with blow when I was in college."

Ok, he never really said that. For one thing, I never heard him say the word "dude". But seriously, we should allow Mexico to legalize drugs. Their workers come up here, and our stoners will go down there. That's a fair trade.

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  1. we should allow Mexico to legalize drugs

    I personally believe it's overstepping our boundaries to try and stop them in the first place. Does NAFTA allow us this kind of influence? I do realize that now Mexico has declined to legalize, but I don't feel the debate over U.S. involvement should cease...