Thursday, May 25, 2006

Mr Bush, don't put up this wall!

Originally, when social security numbers were first issued in this country, it was promised that the numbers would not be used for identification purposes. Today, those numbers are used more often for ID purposes than any other reason. The original purpose had changed.

This is what really has me worried about the proposed wall. The purpose of the wall might change in the future. Remember all those people who threatened to leave if Bush got re-elected? Very few of them actually did leave. But part of what makes a country free is that if for whatever reason you don't like it here and you can find a better place that will accept you, then you are free to leave.

If you want to move to a country that will recognize your same sex marriage, go some place that has universal health care, or travel to Amsterdam and go on a heroin binge, that is your legal right in this more or less free country that we have now.

The question is, how much longer is this country going to remain free? And what is that wall going to be used for then? Will it be considered "unAmerican" or "unpatriotic" to try to leave the country? Will the Border Patrol serve the same role as East German border guards once did?

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