Sunday, May 14, 2006

Interesting email that my dad sent me.

Dad used to blog regularly, but he does not ahve the time any more since he adopted a baby from Guatemala. But from time to time, he'll comment on the news blog-style in an email. I'll start reposting what he says from time to time. The following was one he sent addressed to my stepmom on Friday, and sent a CC to me as well.

On my way to work this morning, I heard a story on the radio about a Guatemalan couple living in Stamford, who came into the United States illegally a couple of years ago, using forged visas. They are asking for asylum because they were persecuted when they were in Guatemala because of their affluence. They lost in the trial court, but they appealed and the Second Circuit Court of Appeals (New York, Connecticut, and Vermont) sent the case back to the trial court and told the judge to study whether affluent people are being discriminated against in Guatemala. I would think that being discriminated against because of poverty would be a bigger problem. When you are poor (especially in countries like Guatemala) it can be difficult to become affluent. Starting out affluent and becoming poor is much easier. If their affluence is a problem, the judge could always sentence them to a week at Foxwoods so they can donate their money to the impoverished Mashentucket Pequot Nation before sending them back to Guatemala. If they looked real hard, I bet they could even find some Indian tribes in Guatemala that are worse off than the Pequots.
Michael B. Enders
Senior Attorney
Hartford, CT Hearing Office

Personally, I think we should grant asylum automatically to anyone with a lot of money. They'll either spend or invest their wealth here.

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  1. My only real reservation about allowing them to stay is the fact that they forged visas and used false names to get hear, rather than sneaking across the border without adding forgery and lying to their offenses. The fact that someone has to make up such a nonsense argument as being discriminated against because of affluence shows how ridiculous the immigration situation has become. We should make becoming a legal resident of this country much easier, and get a few more affluent immigrants to share the tax burden with us. What are botched up immigration policy gets us instead is the dregs instead of the cream.