Wednesday, March 22, 2006

PETA Protest

PETA staged a protest at the KFC at the corner of Stellhorn and Maplecrest today. I did take pictures. Should I have told them that the film in my camera was made from gelatin, which is derived from ground up animal bones?


  1. I support PETA's right to peaceful protest; however, they have done some things that have really irritated me over the years.

    Mike Sylvester

  2. They are still a bunch of f'n goofballs. I agree, they can do whatever the hell they want, as long as they don't impede me from eating dead chickens (or anything else for that matter).

  3. They were well behaved that time. I told them that I am not a vegetarian, and they did not throw ketchup on me.

    I do think that dolphins and chimps have rights due to their intelligence. Livestock on the other hand, is completely dependent on humans to survive. If we stop eating cows they will not be commercially viable to raise anymore. Only a handful of eccentric rich people will bother with them after that, and cows will become an endangered species.

    Also, my cats need to eat meat Cats cannot produce as many amino acids in their bodies the way humans can and therefore must intake meat to survive. How does PETA propose that I feed them?

  4. Anonymous11:45 AM

    So what you are saying is that feeling animals (humans are animals too by the way) that are confined their entire short lives in horrible, torturous conditions and are then forced to suffer extremely painful and brutal deaths are better off than not being born at all? I beg to differ.
    You can also not use so-called "intelligence" as a basis for "rights". What about mentally handicapped human beings? Should they not be given the right to live a life free from pain, misery and suffering at the hands of other humans? I have worked in social services with the mentally handicapped for years and I have known several humans who had less intelligence than any farm animal. According to your logic, we should be allowed to brutalize them as well. After all, due to their "lack" of intelligence, they are completely dependant on humans for their survival so we should be able to treat them as we please. Also, pigs are as smart or smarter than any dog. But I don't see Americans treating their dogs the way they treat farm animals. Oh, that's right, because it would be considered a felony!
    Also, there are still wild cows, pigs and other "farm" animal ancestors around today in certain areas of the world. Those animals would not go extinct due to not being bred and raised for human consumption. I would be more than happy to see "domestic" farm animals cease to exist as they are genetically manipulated and bred to be so far removed from their wild ancestors that it is sickening. They suffer tremendously because of the way they are bred and people that eat them are eating the most unnatural, hormone laden so-called "foods" that exist today.
    Furthermore, cats are natural carnivores, humans are not.
    The entire domestic animal issue is another discussion.

  5. Adam Keepinitreal2:02 PM

    "they have done some things that have really irritated me over the years." Geez, heaven forbid anybody irritate someone who contributes to wanton cruelty.

    "as long as they don't impede me from eating dead chickens (or anything else for that matter)." Or eating children, for that matter. Who are we, as a society, to stop people like Dahmer or Fish from eating whatever they want?

    "I do think that dolphins and chimps have rights due to their intelligence." It's not an animal's ability to reason or do math, that gives them moral consideration. The question isn't "Do they have object permanence," but "Do they suffer?" But for the record, chickens do have object permanence and complex social skills - not that that matters for their moral consideration.

  6. Anonymous3:24 PM

    "They are still a bunch of f'n goofballs." Well, myself as well as other vegetarians and vegans, despite the way they feel, do not judge. The Lord gave us dominion over animals, not the right to treat them cruelly and genetically alter them to better serve us. So why judge us Mr. Andrew?
    And while I'm commenting, being a vegetarian for over 7 years, PETA has irritated me over the years too, but without them, it would be so much worse.

  7. Anonymous3:27 PM

    and to the original post, serious vegetarians are also informed and knowledgeable vegetarians. Robert Enders, you are a sarcastic ass

  8. Anonymous BS:

    Show me an animal born with canine teeth and I'll show you a Natural-Born Meateater. The claim that humans aren't meant to eat meat has been debunked hundreds of times since the beginning of this absurd battle began 30+ years ago.

  9. Anonymous6:48 AM

    Hi Robert, I was one of those protesters. We are aware that your camera film contains animal byproducts. Was there a point in your statement? Or, was it just a smarmy comment? I don't work for Peta, I am in a local animal rights group, and our protests are always peaceful. However, some of us do verbally fight back when someone yells something ignorant out their window. Of course they always do this as they are driving by at a minimum of 35 MPH. Very cowardly....

  10. Anonymous8:30 PM

    Being a carnivore has to do with more than teeth, although carnivores have long, sharp, pointed incisors and claws - humans do not. Carnivores also have very short intestines which quickly push meat through so that it doesn't sit inside them for long periods of time, rotting away. Humans have extremely long intestines. Carnivores have powerful stomach acids that digest raw, even rotting meat that could kill humans if eaten. They do not have to cook it. Carnivores also do not get meat-related ailments such as high cholesterol. If they do get heart disease, cancer, diabetes, etc. it is not related to eating meat like it often is with humans. It is pointless to argue with people like you about anything though because you are so ignorant and closed-minded. If you think vegans are closed-minded think what you want...but I ate meat just like you and I am the one who finally opened my mind to a more compassionate, healthy and less-selfish lifestyle. I wish people like you could live the life of a factory farmed and brutally slaughtered animal. Maybe then you wouldn't find it to be quite so humorous. Who knows...maybe in another life...