Sunday, March 26, 2006


Is it terrorism that they are worried about? Does it matter at all that there have been more Islamic terrorists captured that were born here in the United States than were born in Mexico?

Are they going to stop at just making it a felony to help an illegal alien, or even be an illegal alien? Is there enough prison space to hold them all?

It is well known fact that Timothy McVeigh, John Muhammad, John Walker Lindh, and Jose Padilla were all issued authentic birth certificates when they first entered this country. Will they put ortho-trycyclin into the water supply? Will they post INS agents at obi-gyn wards to stop Americans from getting into this country?

Are politicians just dreaming up new external bogeymen for you all to be afraid of, so that you'll be distracted as the last of your civil liberties are taken away, one by one?

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