Friday, January 27, 2006

Now that it's over here is my take on it.

1. Fraser had a right to produce the material but he should not have distributed it on school grounds.

2. Carrol High School had the right and the responsibilty to disipline the boy. But by expelling him, they have made a bad situation worse for both the boy and the teachers and staff who were made fun of in the satire. When I was still in high school, I had become aware of multiple incidents similiar to this occuring at South Side High School. None of them made the news because South Side's administration handled the matter quietly and appropriatly. In each case the student learn their lesson (when you get down to it that is the whole point of school) and was allowed to continue to attend classes.

3. I'm sure that Mike Sylvester appreciates the free publicity, Marie.


  1. Funnneeeeeeey! Considering Mike supports free speech with his permission only.

    Glad it worked out. The school had the right to expell him but because he is a senior they should have made an effort to see that he graduates. This works. He's off school property.....I'd have a fit if my kid was in the same building with that potty mouth and cannot go to any school functions. Works for me.

    The people hurt most in this situation where his family and the victims of the so called satire. It wasn't a satire but a bigoted piece that doesn't deserve the glorification Sylvester has made of it.

    Good luck with your blog.


  2. Now why oh why are you singling Mike out for criticism? Steve Shine, the Allen County GOP Chairman, went to bat for this kid as well. Does Steve Shine allow you to post on his blog?

    I have another question for you, Marie. Is that red rose supposed to represent socialism, or is it because you simply like red roses?