Thursday, January 19, 2006

I got my new trash can last week.

I got my trash can last week. It sports a stylish City of Fort Wayne logo and what looks a serial number. It has 2 big wheels and is way bigger than my old trash cans. The black color hides dirt very well. They were slow getting it to me because of the snow, but hey, these things happen. And that is all the good things that I have to say about it.

I remember when this idea was first put forward. The only vocal opposition at the time were elderly folks who were worried that the cans would be too heavy for them to push to the curb. Originally I didn't mind this idea so much because it was intended to save money. Because the new can is compatible with an automatic lifting arm, it was supposed to allowed trash to be picked up by a solo driver rather than requiring him to have an assistant to empty the cans into the garbage truck. I can usually support government measures to save money, so as long as the savings be passed onto me, the consumer, taxpayer, and voter.

So why do I have to pay a monthly rental fee for my goddamn trash can if this is supposed to save money? Over time, I am going to be forced to pay way more in rental fees for what I could have easily bought with a single payment. If the city wishes to retain ownership of the cans to prevent people from taking them when they flee the Summit City, they should simply impose a one-time refundable deposit. I realize that a deposit large enough to ensure that they aren't taken as souvenirs is far out of the range of what many lower income residents can afford. In their case, they can pay the deposit in installments.

In fact, I am convinced that if the city does not use the refundable deposit strategy that I have discribed above, then pretty soon they will be mailing angry letters to a former Fort Waynian who took his can with him when he moved to Durham.


  1. I am paying for mine like everyone else, but have yet to get mine. The wonderful trash folks have managed to knock the wheels off the current one and nearly rip the lid off though. We are very lucky, this one lasted ALMOST two years. We paid $80.00 for it because we were tired of spending money on the $20 cans and having them last a month or two before they were just pieces of plastic in the alley.
    I'd like to bill the city. If I treated their property that poorly, I'd be billed.

  2. Heck, I live near Pine Valley and I have had my new trash can for about two months.

    They still have not come around to pick up my old trashcan...

    I am the President of my neighborhood Association. I just talked to the President of another nearby Association. They still have their old ones as well.

    In fact we all got a note saying that if we leave them out for the next 2-3 weeks they will come and get them... I am on day 10...

    Now if you were to leave your trash can out that long any other time it could be a neighborhood code violation...

    Mike Sylvester

  3. I read that you can still use your old trash cans for overflow of the new trash can. However, if you don't want your old trash can, your new trash can should have come with two orange stickers. You must place an orange sticker on the old trash can if you want to dispose of it. Otherwise, the trashman will assume that you want to keep it. If you don't have a sticker, I still have the stickers that I was given because I want to use my old cans for yard waste.

    Another option: If it is made of #2 plastic, take a sharp knife and cut it up. Place the pieces in your recycling bin and it shall be converted into useful consumer products that future generations can use.