Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Chile's President-Elect Michelle Bachelet

Michelle Bachelet is a socialist. Yet she claims to understand the importance of a "market friendly" economy. Her actions over the course of her term will establish what she means by this.

The best thing that she can do for social and economic progress in Chile is to promote a free market economy, not a market friendly economy. The difference is subsidies. You don't need to be friends with an industry, just leave it alone. The problem with "friends" is that you give them "gifts". Any "gift" given to a business is something that has to be taken away from someone else.

Many of what leftists find wrong with capitalism is in fact the result of government meddling. Big business is far better able to lobby politicians and solicit favors than are individuals and small business.

On an unrelated note, the woman bears a striking physical resemblance to Hillary Clinton. I wouldn't read too much into that, however. Doug Horner looks like Judge Lance Ito.

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