Thursday, October 06, 2005

I hope the Angels lose in the first round of the Playoffs

The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim? I hate it when the name of the team sounds like it was picked out by a marketing focus group. "Parsachs and Johnston Consolidated: a Macrosoft Subsidiary" Give the team a short sweet name that is fun to yell out during games.

The reason for the ridiculous name is because Angels Baseball LP thought that having "Los Angeles" would make the team more marketable, but the terms of the lease in their current stadium required that the keep "Anahiem" in the name.

The same nonsence occured over here when it was decided that Fort Wayne's minor league baseball team would be called the "Wizards" rather than "Falcons" because of the merchandising possibilities. Visions of over priced foam wands and pointy purple hats danced in the heads of the owners. The new team found themselves with a pagan-sounding name in the middle of the Bible Belt. I still remember all those angry letters to the editor.

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