Saturday, October 29, 2005

Halloween Party

The highlight of the evening was when we played Star Trek Trivia. It was me versus everyone else. At one point I was down by 3 tokens, but I came back only to lose in sudden death.

I wore a hooded sweatshirt and called it a Unabomber costume. I decided to forgo wearing roadflares on my chest for a suicide bomber look. When about half the people there are carrying a concealed weapon, it's a bad idea to look like a real terrorist.

Doug was bragging about how he blew Jack away in an online session of "Doom". When either I get this 2 year antique upgraded or I get a new one, we should all get together and form an online gaming clan for Libertarians. I remember last year I saw some online gamers with names like KERRY>BUSH and 4 BUSH! The latter had a clan tag that said [GOP], suggesting that he belonged to a clan that consisted of only Republicans. So this is something we need to do. Let's all frag some statists!

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