Friday, September 30, 2005

Preservation or Progress

The Lincoln Highway are early 20th centruy relics that stand in the way of economic progress.

A section of the Lincoln Highway stands in the way of a proposed road extension that would connect Maplecrest Road with Adams Center Road. The Lincoln Highway once lead from New York City to San Francisco. It was build to spur economic growth and progress, and now one small piece stand in the way of progress.

If people want it preserved, they should tear up chunks of it and stick it in a museum like they did with the Berlin Wall. That wall interfered with traffic as well, and had to be removed dispite its obvious historical significance. Sections of it are preseved by both those who want to celebrate the triumph of democracy over Communism and by those nostalgic for the glory days of the Stasi.

The purpose of a road is to make transportation easier, cheaper, and quicker. The purpose is more important than the artifact itself. Remove any sections of the Lincoln Highway that stand in the path of new roads.

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